The Zion Narrows is one of the most iconic hikes in Zion National Park. This majestic slot canyon is a portion of the Virgin River upstream from the main Zion Canyon. With walls soaring over a thousand feet high and only thirty feet apart in some portions, the canyon provides hikers a completely unique adventure. The hike can be done in two different ways:


(Bottom, out-and-back)

The first and most common option is to hike to the Narrows from the bottom-up as an out-and-back hike. This option does not require a permit and can be accessed from the last shuttle stop at the Temple of Sinawava.



The second, and more strenuous option is hiking the full sixteen miles from Chamberlain’s Ranch to the Temple of Sinawava. Hiking the full Narrows from the top requires a permit from the Zion Backcountry Desk.

gear up

Zion Outfitter provides specialized gear that allows hikers to safely and comfortably explore the Narrows. Each year many hikers enter the Narrows unprepared for the terrain. Hiking the Narrows requires walking in the rocky, uneven, and slippery river bottom for a majority of the day.

All Narrows packages include canyoneering boots specifically designed for slippery conditions that maintain grip while wet and provide proper ankle support. The boots are worn with neoprene socks which insulate the foot and prevent the blistering and the discomfort accompanied with hiking in wet boots. Cold weather packages include dry gear to keep hikers dry and warm.

We provide a variety of options to accommodate each season and varying water levels. Each Narrows package also comes with a wooden hiking stick for stability and balance; these hold up much better in the Narrows than regular trekking poles. By taking the appropriate gear you will ensure that your experience in the Narrows is safe and enjoyable.